måndag 6 december 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #99

Yesterday we baked saffron buns... it´s a Swedish traditions for Christmas!

{photos by me}


5 kommentarer:

Marites sa...

my oh my! got me drooling..they look yummy!! happy MYM!

Kim, USA sa...

Saffron bun? It's my first time to see this. And it looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing!
MYM-Town parade

Gemma Wiseman sa...

OOO Do They look so delicious! A gorgeous golden yellow!

Lesa sa...

I love to see dough puffing up out of the bowl. Those buns look delicious-- Can you ship some to Oklahoma?

Kim, USA sa...

Oh wow I almost could smell the freshness of the bun. Great shot!
MYM-Flame of fire