lördag 6 november 2010


The worst part about vacation time is when it ends.
I have had an amazing and wonderful vacation in New York.

Frozen Roses in November...
(all photos by me)

Things that keep me cozy...

1. Coffee with milk
2. Candles
3. Warmed oatmeal
4. Berry Teas
5. Sunshine
6. Cuddling
7. Friends
8. Soup
9. Chirping Birds
10. Warm Mittens

How do you stay cozy and warm during this chilly season?

6 kommentarer:

  1. great photos, love the edited effect.

  2. hmmm interesting ... it can be a metaphor... great shot..
    My Flowers on Saturday here

  3. Beautiful shots and edits.. hope you enjoyed your trip..

  4. It's nice to have a vacation once in a while, beautiful photos.


    Sweet Scent of Rose

  5. Beautiful editing! Beautiful shots! Jag tittar på dem och ser nästan en liten berättelse framför mig när jag läser att du just haft en fin resa till NY.

    Erika B

  6. the worst part about holidays is when it has to end, I hope you had nice time :)
    great editing!
    A hot cup of tea and warm blanket keeps me cosy during cold days